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Buy skewers in Ukraine

Invented in ancient times one of the major bowls, skewers, you can buy today is easy enough. Moreover, they are in constant demand as the number of active recreation is only growing constantly.

Usually skewer represents a metal rod, possibly in the form of a corner, with a pointed tip and edges. Handle decorated with coils and rounded at the end, as is usually the metal, thereby burning the fingers souped tourists. More expensive models are usually decorated with handmade collection of art lovers, but there are craftsmen who use as skewers of fresh branch of walnut.

Factory production, wishing to distinguish their products from the competition, beginning with the use of various forms of casting. It quickly found its reflection in orders from the kitchen masters who asked different designs blades skewers for cooking various dishes. For example, the notch on the metal strip can help to determine the distance between the slices of salmon, for his best roasting.

Krovostok and curved blade in the author skewers, engraving and labels over the years have not changed the basic view of this tourist "kitchen appliance". The average length remained about 80cm, which roughly corresponds to 250 grams of meat. Longer skewers are used not only in manufacturing but also in public catering, and there they have received minor additions to its simple rectangular shape.

Rotisserie grill you can usually buy in a set together with a plate that supports this feature. In such a skewer instead of pens will be done by mounting a mechanism that will give the rotation. The blade of the skewer is no longer than the stove itself, up to 300 mm, and have the same configuration as a conventional rotisserie. In industrial furnaces skewer is made of another metal, but the shape of he same.

Accessories for skewers are sharp bolt clamps that allow you to hold a position of food pieces. This makes it possible, for example, fry the fish on a normal thin, straight blade. But along the edges of the metal are yummy "claws" that will hold the rollover. This is a very handy thing, about which few know, but it is often used by professional craftsmen barbecue.

In Japan, bamboo skewers do pre-soaked in water. Water evaporates when heated, adding additional effect of steam when cooking, but in the east their tastes and manners. Metal, of which the skewers, which you and I can usually buy - stainless steel kitchen, which also has its own flavor. For some, it is the taste of bamboo hay, and for someone to gore in the cold skewer is the taste of victory.

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